Sunday, October 18, 2009

Creationist for School Board

In the upcoming election Laura Carder is, unfortunately, running for position 4 of the District 81 School District. Here are a couple of scary and irrational thoughts from her website:

Do they pledge allegiance to Our Flag anymore? If so, do they state "One nation under God"? (What the hell does that have to do with education?)

Some children have been punished for saying "Merry Christmas", but it's OK to cuss. (First of all in what school is it okay to cuss? I recall receiving Saturday school for that and I'm only 23 so it wasn't that long ago. I plan on emailing a few principals tomorrow to see if they are actually punishing kids for saying "Merry Christmas", I'll get back to you on the results.)

Some children have been punished for bringing a Bible to school. Why? Who makes such rules? The Bill of Rights restrict the Government, not the people. (Where are these schools where kids are getting in trouble for bringing a Bible and where's the ACLU at? Again, I'll ask a few Dist. 81 principals and see what they say.)

She also tends to mention a lot of getting back to the ethics and values that the country were founded on, which seems like a thinly veiled suggestion that we go back to the Bible and ditch truth and evidence.

The one area I do agree with her is better educating students about their constitutional rights. It does seem like kids are a bit under-educated when it comes to the constitution and what it means.

I emailed her a little while ago to try to nail down exactly where she stands on some of these issues and will post as soon as I hear something from her.

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