Monday, October 19, 2009

School Responses to Ms. Carder's Claims

So far I have heard back from a few people who work in the school system and will post what they had to say below.

Here's what I originally wrote to the administrators:

I run a small blog ( and have recently been reading about Laura Carder who is running for School
Board Position 4. On her website ( Ms. Carder claims that students are being punished for saying "Merry Christmas"
but are allowed to swear and that they're getting into trouble for bringing Bibles to school. Are her claims valid? Is that a district wide or school policy? I've emailed a dozen or so school principals and administrators and would like to post the results to my blog so please let me know if you are uncomfortable with being quoted. Thank you very much for your time.


Andrew Myers

Karin L. Short, the Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Services had this to say:

Mr. Myers,
I also believe Ms. Carder's claims to be without foundation. Having been a principal myself for 25 years in Spokane, I do not know of anyone who would criticize a student for saying Merry Christmas. Students have choices of reading materials for a variety of assignments...depending on the course and the assignment...the Bible may well be one of those student choices.

I have heard Ms. Carder in public meetings and often she refers to issues and then adds, "but not in Spokane to my knowledge". I don't know if the remark you refer to was made about Spokane or some other situation.

Thanks again for making the inquiry.

Karin Short

Karin L. Short
Associate Superintendent
Teaching and Learning Services
200 N. Bernard Street
Spokane, WA 99201-0282
(509) 354-7365
Fax (509) 354-5994

If Ms. Short is correct and Ms Carder's claims involve other school districts, why does she not mention this on her website, it's slightly misleading to say the least. Secondly why not take her creationist quackery and run for board in one of those school districts? It would seem like a good mix, a school district that bans Bibles and a board member who would like Genesis to be the foundation of Biology class.

And here's what I heard from Steve Fisk, Assistant Principal of North Central High School:

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for the communication. I am not aware of any disciplinary situations that have involved students at North Central High School who have used the words, "Merry Christmas." Additionally, I am not aware of students being disciplined at North Central for bringing bibles to school either. While inappropriate language continues to be a challenge, we do not ignore acts of profane language and provide appropriate disciplinary sanction and direction to students who violate the policy.

Let me know if you need further clarification or information.

Steve Fisk
Assistant Principal
North Central High School
1600 N. Howard
Spokane, Washington 99205
(509) 354-6300
(509) 342-1156 Cell

So there you have it for now. I have emails out to a few other principals and will post their responses when they come.

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