Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Laura Carder Loses Election

More than enough votes are in now to see that Laura Carder has lost the election for Spokane School District board, position 4. According to the Spokane County elections website there are only 250 uncounted ballots. The final totals for school board position 4 are Rocky Treppiedi 51.88% and Laura Carder 48.12%.

Before anyone goes out drinking though, we need to realize that this is a fairly hollow victory. We may have kept somebody off the board who wanted to brainwash kids with Genesis, but we end up with Treppiedi, who shouldn’t be anyone’s first choice. Our only hope is that he gets impeached and they appoint someone else.

I will admit though, I’m going to miss Carder a little bit. Her crazy rants on her website provided hours of entertainment.

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