Sunday, January 10, 2010

Faith and Freedom Network

The Faith and Freedom Network is a Washington State foundation and PAC. I won't go into great deal, but I'm not a fan. Lots of religion and to say they're not fans of homosexuals is an understatement. Gary Randall, who runs this organization has a blog on their site.

The post I'm interested in is the one he has about Amanda Simpson, the transgender lady (was born a man) who Obama appointed to be the senior technical assistant to the US Bureau of Industry and Security.

Here's some of what Gary has to say read the rest on his site:

"President Obama, in his ongoing attempt to make the far left happy----especially the gays, has appointed Amanda Simpson to the Bureau of Industry and Security as Senior Technical Advisor.
It appears our president has now established yet another quota---this time based on gender confusion."

There is a glaring omission from Gary's post, he says absolutely NOTHING about whether or not she is qualified. That seems fairly important, as a matter of fact, more important than her having had a sex change.

My understanding is that she will be somewhat involved with making sure weapons technology doesn't go overseas and she seems qualified. She spent 20 years as a test pilot and worked for Raytheon Missile Systems for 30 years, advancing to deputy director of the advanced programs organization.

People seem to be getting a bit worked up over this. I understand that changing one's gender might make you uncomfortable, but as long as they are qualified I think we can all chill out a little.

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