Thursday, June 3, 2010

Americans Ignorant of History and Supreme Court

Probably not a surprise to most people. surveyed 1,000 (+/- 3%) Americans and asked them to name the current members of the Supreme Court. Only one percent could name all nine. A quick break down:

  • Clarence Thomas – 19%
  • John Roberts – 16%
  • Sonia Sotomayor – 15%
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg – 13%
  • Antonin Scalia – 10%
  • Samuel Alito – 8%
  • John Paul Stevens – 8%
  • Anthony Kennedy – 6%
  • Stephen Breyer – 3%
To add to this debacle we have The American Revolution Center's survey. Over 1,000 Americans were given a multiple choice test about the revolution, over 80% failed. Take a look at the quiz here to see just how sad this is.


  1. Great post. This isn't a shock to me. Combine abysmal civics education in most of the public schools with the shortened attention span of most folks nowadays thanks to technology and media (the downside to the interwebs) and this sort of sad commentary becomes inevitable. Adding to the sadness: the incredible amount of power the Supreme Court wields within our system of constitutional governance.

  2. While not surprising it is disturbing. Thanks for stopping by.